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About Us This office aims to help all faculties and students to keep good health, unite all university members and promote NTTU to the public. We have three goals: 1. Establish a healthy campus; make “exercise & health” a life style of NTTU members, 2. Strengthen students’ personality by outdoor exercise, 3. Promote NTTU by physical activities and improve the identification with our university, 4. Build a system to run all facilities and physical activities smoothly. Facilities Gymnasium Volleyball court Basketball court Athletic field Tennis court Swimming pool Table tennis room Gymnastic hall Climbing gym Weight training Room Aerobics Classroom Open Time & Fee Swimming pool & Weight training room: Monday – Friday, 17:30-20:30 Each time - 30 NTD Or One semester – NTTU member: 300 NTD (male) / 225 NTD (female) Public: 1,000 NTD (male) / 750 NTD (female) Students from other schools: 500 NTD (male) / 375 NTD (female)